A Rare View

I have taken a short break in the countdown to the Big Parade to share this hard to find farm scene in Sequim. Notice the hills in the back.. building is continuing.

4 days and counting….

9 thoughts on “A Rare View”

  1. I really like the place you found here.
    The houses on the hill make me kinda sad.
    Glad you got this before the whole hill is covered.

  2. Lovely pink tinted clouds. I’m interested in the houses on the hill, are there terraced multi-family homes, or just single family homes? Here in CH terraced houses are a necessity, given the lack of truly flat land. This kind of scene, with farms and housing all near each other, is a very common one over here!

    Z in Villigen Switzerland

  3. Oh, the soft pink! It’s wonderful. What a beautiful pastoral scene. (Even with the hint of suburbia on the hills. 🙂 )

  4. it is a very beautiful sky and a splendid landscape of greenery, a little as in Normandy:)best regards, Sweet

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