Shopping Carts

At our local Safeway, parents/grandparents are provided with this unique type of shopping cart to occupy the little ones while they get the shopping done. The only problem, as I see it, is they also put all the snack/grocery type things kids love on their eye level…do not drive this cart down the cereal aisle. Baby girl got “Little Pony” treats and Coco Pebbles cereal. (I didn’t even know who little pony was until this shopping trip.)
Being a fun grandma, I am making the appropriate car (rumm, rumm) noises, and telling Baby Girl to turn right or left as we navigated the fruits and vegetables. I noticed an older gentleman giving me a strange look..he started laughing when we came around the apples on his side and he saw BG. He confessed he thought I was talking to myself.

3 thoughts on “Shopping Carts”

  1. j’adore, on a les memes à Evry (j’avais fait un post sur le theme). elle est mignonne dans sa ferrari ;o)

    I adore, one has the same ones in Evry (I had made a post on the topic). it is nice in its Ferrari; O)

  2. You are something Norma!
    What a funny incident at the store.
    Thanks for the big smile.
    I always get a kick out of seeing the little ones
    enjoying their rides in those carts.

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