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  1. Hi Norma I didn’t hear the news yesterday… but reading Fabrizio’s comment I can imagine.
    it’s a crazy world where we’re living on uh?
    i don’t know the reason of our behaviour… maybe it’s a lack of love and life’s respect…
    i hope this will change someday.

  2. j’ai appris cela ce matin, une vraie folie. les parents doivent etre fous de malheurs. quand est ce qu’on interdira les armes aux USA ? belle photo pour un cet hommage.

    I learned that this morning, a true madness. the parents must be insane misfortunes. when is what one will prohibit the weapons in the USA? beautiful photograph for one this homage.

  3. All our thoughts go to the parents and friends on this tragedy.

    How many more of these before the people overcome the powerful firearms lobby of arms and bans weapons in civil life? I’m sorry to say, but we’ve never had such occurences in Europe where firearms are banned.

  4. (Nathalie, you might want to recheck your facts there.) And people that want to hurt, will hurt. Drugs are banned, but are they off the streets?

    It’s such a devastating thing to happen, it’s hard to even put words to it.

  5. Your photo is so appropriate for the tradgedy.
    It is too bad there were not a few adults
    with concealed weapons permits.

  6. Our society is a violent society and it is getting worse. The freedom with which we have to own firearms contributes in large measure to many of the tragedies. I agree with Natalie; I’m sure that there is violence in many societies, i.e, terrorism, but I seriously doubt that there are many other cultures and societies that have the number of school tragedies that are visited upon innocent victims that we have had to endure here in the US.

    Norma, your tribute is beautiful.

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