The Family Farm

I went to pick up baskets at the Family Farm. I had ordered them before I left for my trip. For those of us who love flowers, this is like “Candyland”. When I arrived today, “Momma” was dead heading these lovely baskets. The folks at the Family Farm offer flowers, dahlias, and fresh veggies at the local farmers markets on the weekends. They can be found on the North side of Old Highway 10, West of Kitchen Dick Road. Tomorrow I will share “Blackie” and “Blackie Too”, the farm cats.

8 thoughts on “The Family Farm”

  1. I love the atmosphere in this picture.With the lady tending her plants.
    Looks like a flowery jungle,I’ll have one of each please!

  2. Yes, Norma, you nailed it when you said this looks like candyland. Candy-for-the-eyes-and-nose land. I hope everything you wanted was right there waiting for you to take home and tuck in.

    And, you also nailed it when you said, in your comment on my blog, that playing Canasta in a storm is a fine way to pass the time. My computer is near a window and I played and played while the rain poured down outside, the thunder rolled and the hail bounced. It was grand!

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