After the Rain

There is a possibility I previously posted this shot of the parking lot at Home Depot. My apologlies if that is indeed the case. I found the perfect shot today as I was crusising through downtown…but I do not yet have the new Photoshop to resize my photos. It should have been here. Will call tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “After the Rain”

  1. A beautiful place to tuck-in another store — Home Depot — but my goodness the mountains are marvelous. I like it a lot. You are getting the new Photoshop CS3? I wish.

  2. ce paysage est tres beau. cette brume entre la montagne et la ville,bravo. Je te souhaite un bon weekend

    this landscape is very beautiful. this fog enters the mountain and the city, cheer. I wish you a good weekend

  3. I just assumed you were getting the big Photoshop. I had totally forgotten about elements. If you consider Adobe Lightroom before you buy it talk to me. I bought it after reading a review in a magazine and should have known better. They placed an ad in the magazine so the review was great. I have Photoshop CS2 and am considering going to version CS3. I just wish the thing was out somewhere so I could at least look at it. Reviews say all sorts of things if the company is sponsoring ads or something. Anyway. I came back here to thank you for stopping at my blog and for commenting. Thanks.

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