How many miles per gallon?

One of the first things I did today was fill up the beast so I could run errands. I had a chuckle when this gentleman pulled up with a gas can in the back. I did ask if I might take his picture. When I told him about my blog, he shared that about this time ever year he breaks this rig out and quits driving the gas guzzler. I know that we have had cheap gas in the US for a long time, but these continued increases hurt my pocketbook. In the two weeks I was gone, gas in Sequim went up 23 cents a gallon. I paid $3.03 for regular today. I would be curious to know what you are paying for gasoline. I wish we had more wide spread public transportation in our small town.

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  1. I drove my car for the first time yesterday after 3 months in Mexico where I walked everywhere or took the bus — their public transporation system is wonderfully available. The family of my wealthy landlord, however, had 5 cars–one for each member of the family! Don’t know what gas costs here exactly since I haven’t filled up yet, but it’s inching toward $3.00 a gallon. I like this man’s form of transportation, tho! Great find!

  2. This guy does have the right idea, doesn’t he, he’s stretching his energy twice as far by using his own legs as well as the oil-based fuel. It sort of reminded me of that old saying “getting warm twice” which is employed when one is chopping wood to bring home before later burning it in the stove.

    Our public transportation in Little Rock is available and better than nothing but one can’t get everywhere one might like to go and the schedule requires some waiting.

  3. I need to get back on my bicycle and will as soon as it warms up here in Ohio. Right now it is about 40 degrees. Our gasoline was $2.65 a gallon the other day and it did get up to $2.85 about a week ago. I think gasoline pricing policies are a ripoff and just another group of people making a lot of money. More power to them if people are willing to pay the price at the pump. This guy has different ideas about that. Nice photo.

  4. This fella certainly has the right idea.
    I don’t know how much gas costs right now here in Navarre.
    I fill up once every two or three months.

  5. I wish for more accessible public transport too. And the guts to drive a scooter on the highway. (I’m a chicken.) I should ride my bike more — but with a 40 mile drive to work, that’s not feasible most of the time. Oh, well. I’m ashamed to say I paid $2.59 a gallon today — and was SWEATING it, let me tell you. To conserve gas, I no longer use my a/c. (Unless I get weak. I’m spoiled.) It’s all relative, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. That is a hilarious photo!! I love it!

    I don’t drive so I don’t know the price of gasoline in NYC. But my co-op (condo) board has increased our monthly maintanence due to the price increase in home heating fuel.

    I pay $76/month for my unlimited subway pass. And it is tax-deductible too.

  7. le litre d’essence 98, ce matin 1euro26…cela devient tres chere, mais le probleme pour aller au travail, c’est soit 1/4 en voiture, soit 1 heure en transport en commun ;o(( (le motard, il ressemble a Mickey Rouke ;o) )

    the liter of super without lead 98, this morning 1euro26… that becomes very expensive, but the problem to go to work, they are either 1/4 conveys some, or 1 hour in public transport ;O( (the motorcyclist, it resembles has Mickey Rouke ;O ))

  8. This picture made me chuckle as well. Gas in Soldotna Alaska is $2.71. I coasted into work today on fumes. Running late and gas gage comes on, of course. I would love to ride a bike every where, but here in Soldotna things are just to spread out,and we usually have snow on the ground for at least 6 months out of the year. Thanks again for another fun picture.

  9. HI glad yo madeit home alright, but you left too soon your missing all that good weather they are having inOK.

    GAS IS 2.68 HERE RIGHT NOW the one thing good about living in town is every thing you want is only a mile or two away

    take care

  10. Thanks for all your nice and fun comments on my blog. I had to take a break for a few and look at a few blogs while I rest.
    Went to the store for a few things today and our gas was $3.40 !!! Ouch. We can’t get any place without our car s I guess we’ll just bite the bullet.
    Later today or tomorrow I will finally try to post the saga of getting the house ready to put on the market.

  11. Hi Norma!
    that’s a funny photo indeed… here in madrid I’m paying 1’05 euro per litre (super 95)… I thought it wasn’t cheap at all but I see there are lot of places more expensive!

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