Silly Grandma


Silly Grandma is home! It was an easy flight…but for the second time Continental lost my suitcase. I think it something about the Amarillo-Houston connection.
I made it to Sequim in time to teach my first class for this quarter…and then three quesses where I went next! This photo was taken when the grandson had a broken arm and I went with them to the doctor…just so I could check out that x-ray. There was a distorted mirror in the playroom part of the waiting room.
Thanks to all of you who visited while I was off running around the country. I plan on having time to visit the next couple of days…and I can’t wait.

7 thoughts on “Silly Grandma”

  1. I bet you’re a lot of fun too, Norma. This photo reminded me of the “fun house” my family visited once, years and years ago, in Oklahoma City. Everything about that place was creatively fun! This doctor has the right idea for his waiting room.

  2. ah ah, j’adore les mirroirs deformants dans les foires foraines. tres beau portrait ;o) tres bonne idee

    ah ah, I adore the mirroirs deforming in the open fairs. very beautiful portrait ;O) very good idea

  3. Welcome home! I’m glad you are back where you can enjoy time with your grandkids. Bet they missed you.

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