A good use for an old door


This photo is from the same garden tour I took. I thought it was a great use for an old door. The top part has been removed. It too was attached to a bench.

Day 12 of my vacation…Humph. It’s geting close to Easter, if not the end of our money. I guess it is time to head for Keyes. If you have not yet found Keyes, I have included this link. Keyes, Ok Don’t let them fool you when it says Keyes Car dealer…you click on that link and it will redirect you to another town. The 2000 census list the town as having 410 inhabitants. It will also tell you the popultion has been declining by 1.8 percent a year.

6 thoughts on “A good use for an old door”

  1. superbe ce “welcome”. je te souhaite un bon weekend de pâques

    superb this “welcome”. I wish you a good weekend of Easter

  2. I love clever crafty uses for “retired” things. Nice picture.
    Hope your money doesn’t run out before the end of your time. As my kids used to say when they were small, No problem, Mom if we don’t have the money, just write a check.

  3. Keyes is a relatively young community, isn’t it. Or shoudl I say a community composed of relatively yougn people. That struck me as unusual – I would have expected it to be populated by the elderly.

  4. Annie, Keyes is like many small towns in the rural US. It is populated mostly of the very young and the very old. The reason is that it is hard for the kids graduating high school or college to find work in Keyes. The economy is just no large enough … I know because I grew up in Keyes Oklahoma and then another rural community called Stratford Texas.

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