A nice place to enjoy the sun

Our local car wash has a cool seat outside so that one can rest their weary bones….while someone else much younger does all the work.

Day 9 of my vacation More visiting…then we hit the road! Thelma and Louise–Norma and her mom….no convertible, but hey, we will have fun. Albequerque is our first destination. The idea is we have a slush fund for everything but gas. When we get down to our last 100…we head for a very small town in the Oklahoma Panhandle called Keyes. (this town does not have a stop light, library, grocery store, shopping mall… but it has some of the nicest people you could ever want to meet)

6 thoughts on “A nice place to enjoy the sun”

  1. Ce banc est tres beau, les sculptures dessus sont magnifiques

    This bench is very beautiful, the sculptures above are splendid

  2. What a trip! You’re traveling with friends from town to town in the west, enjoying what presents itself. This sounds just great to me. I need to round up some girlfriends and do likewise.

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