Flowering Plum

Did I mention I have a new computer? Well it has all the bells and whistles but I have not yet learned to use all of them. This picture is too small…if I raise it to the size I normally post, it looks “pixelly”. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to learn before I left. This gorgous flowering plum was in a friend’s yard. Please bear with me.

Day 8 of my vacation We should be at the home of one of the aunts in Clovis. I am looking forward to this part of the trip. I want to visit with a cousin who is there now…and I don’t even want to admit to how many years its has been since we saw each other.

P.S. Shopping, eating, visiting…now that’s a vacation.  We head for Santa Fe/Taos tomorrow.  Thanks to  all of you who have visited. I’ll be home in a week.

6 thoughts on “Flowering Plum”

  1. yes, it’s a small photo if we compare with the others.. but I love the colour, Norma! The purple/pink and the green woow.
    have a great day there! I’m leaving this afternoon to my father’s little village, just 230 km far away of Madrid… let’s see if I’ll have internet connection there… See you soon!

  2. Oh I’m soo jealous!! What a beautiful blooming tree. We have pretty ugly trees here in Alaska. Hope your enjoying your vacation.

  3. I must tell you that I am gratified that you include us all in bits of your holiday. It’s so nice to tag along with you.

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