April Theme Day…Public Mail Box

I have no idea why I signed up for this theme day. Public mailboxes in my hometown are boring. As I am on the road, I will have ask my brother to add the links. If he should get busy and forgets, I know you can find them by visiting the Greenville, SC blog.

Through the magic of the Internet, the commitment of the City Daily Photo Blug community, and a little help from Norma’s brother; you may follow these links and see mailboxes from around the world: London (UK) Grenoble (France) Rotterdam (Netherlands) Greenville SC (USA) Hyde (UK) Villigen (Switzerland) Albuquerque NM (USA) Mazatlan (Mexico) Montréal (Canada) Stayton OR (USA) Shanghai (China) -Jing Arradon (France) Sequim WA (USA) Newcastle upon Tyne (England) Seattle WA (USA) -Kim Bastia (Corse) Minneapolis MN (USA) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Joplin MO (USA) Sharon, CT (USA) Cottage Grove MN [USA] Houston, TX (USA) -Candice & Megan Singapore – by Keropokman. Guelph, ON (Canada) Menton (France) Monte Carlo, Monaco Naples, FL (USA) Kyoto (Japan) Tokyo (Japan) Aliso Viejo, CA (USA) Cape Town (South Africa) Jakarta (Indonesia) Kitakami (Japan) Tel Aviv (Israel) Vantaa(Finland) Guadalajara (Mexico) Auckland (New Zealand) Nelson (New Zealand) Tuzla (B&H) Brussels (Belgium) Anderson, SC (USA) Lubbock, TX (USA) John, Melbourne, (Australia) Stavanger (Norway) Tenerife (Spain) Stockholm (Sweden) Boston, MA (USA) Not Strictly Seattle, Susan New York City, (USA), Ming the Merciless Paris [Eric], (France) Ampang (Selangor) Sydney (Nathalie) Australia Wailea , HI (USA) Manila (Philippines) Sydney (Sally) Australia Cork (Ireland) Saarbrücken (Germany) Saint Paul MN (USA) by Carol San Diego, CA (USA) Mexico [POLY], (Mexico) Budapest (Hungary) Singapore (Singapore by Zannnie) Madrid [Dsole] (Spain) Nottingham (England)

Day 7 of my vacation If I didn’t sleep through church and get in trouble, we will head for Clovis, New Mexico after lunch to visit 2 aunts. Does anyone know which famous highway we will be traveling…at least for most of the way?

18 thoughts on “April Theme Day…Public Mail Box”

  1. your bros said the US ones would be boring blue after the vibrant reds of the Commonwealth — don’t know what highway you are on but hoping you are having a great vacation

  2. Postboxes mostly are boring but this shot managed to give a fresh look. The angle of the shot is great. Glad you signed up! 🙂

  3. I also thought they were going to be boring, but I’m finding it interesting seeing hte different varieties for such a common thing.

  4. I thought the same thing about mailboxes, so I scoured Maui for the best. I had two runner-ups until I had a brainstorm. Come see my mailbox! It is far from boring.

  5. Norma, there is nothing boring about these, especially to someone from far away across the ocean. Your framing and POV add a lot of originality for our theme day!

  6. Boring, maybe, but they are reliable THERE in the US, unlike what other correspondents are reporting about their countries!

  7. The grass is always greener….your mail boxes are very interesting. And thanks to your Norma’s brother for posting.

    Jilly x

  8. I am fascinated by the similarity of the logos on the US mailboxes and the one I found in Mazatlan. Take a look; you’ll be surprised too. Since I’ve been away the postal service in US has introduced a sleek mode: check Dentons and the MN blogs today. PS. I like your “boring” mailboxes–good shot!

  9. Norma, my runner up photo was of the mailboxes commonly found outside the post offices now. You know the ones where a car drives by and you drop your mail without getting out. They have taken he McDonalds approached and “biggie sized” them. Some are as large as a car.

  10. Au contraire, I do not find mail boxes boring. I love them. They carry our hopes and dreams (and bill payments). I had the good pleasure of visiting the post office in Sequim last July when we were on vacation (before I “knew” you). I had too much stuff and decided to mail it back to myself at home. Love those flat rate boxes!!

  11. Yes, it was a tough one – the only official postal box in our town looks just like yours – blue and boring! But nice photo of a difficult subject, anyway!

  12. I haven’t seen mail boxes like since I moved to NYC. These are drive-by mail boxes, right? The spout helps facilitate the mail drop off while you’re still in the car. Cool photo!!

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