Yard Art

This is always a dangerous time of year for me. I am so anxious for spring and want to get out in the yard, that I often I find myself stopping at garden shops. One can spend a small fortune on pots, plants and…yard art. I spotted this unique building at Sunny Farms garden shop. I’m trying to envision just where and how I would use this in my backyard. So far it hasn’t come to me.

13 thoughts on “Yard Art”

  1. Garden shed – that’s a great new use for an outhouse-like structure.

    Is there a bench inside, one with a hole (or two) in it?

  2. fertilizer storage facility!
    I could easily spend hours,if not dollars, at the nursery as well.

  3. Your post just reminds me of a funny and weird movie I watched long time ago called “Adaptation” starring Meryl Streep and Nicholas Cage!

    I’ll look forward to see your renovated yard then!

  4. That’s what I was going to say. First impression was the door should have a half moon on it. All kidding aside. I do like this shot with all the textures and colors. What fun. Decorate that yard anyway you feel like.

  5. Gardening everything sucks me in, and I don’t even feel house-trapped because of the weather. Give me a great gardening magazine, and I’m in heaven. Great shot!

  6. This shed is so nice I cannot believe it is in a garden house !
    When I go to this kind of shops I always buy plenty plants and then I’m too lazy to put them quickly in the ground. I still have some for last autumn… Shame on me !

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