While not my favorite restaurant in Sequim, it is a fun place to go with a group of friends. The food is decent, the drinks aren’t half bad, and you are sure to seee someone you know. Do you have an Applebee’s in your neighborhood?

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  1. Oh yea~ There’s one not far from the campus. During the first semester of grad school, my classmates would go for a mid-week happy hour after a long day’s work almost every week! But we don’t do that very often now.

  2. There was one next to my old office. We used to go there for lunch or dinner a lot. My favorite dish is the Oriental Salad or Chinese Salad with grilled chicken. Yummy!!! And the rashberry lemonaede is good too. Lots of sugar but good!

  3. Ive never been in an applebees. We do have one here, I should give it a try some time.
    I loved your men at work theme.

  4. Applebee’s! Oh I have never hear about it!
    But the neon sign is really sympa!

    About the car incident, what happened was that someone tried to steal it, they forced it and now I can’t switch it on. I ‘m sad about it, but fortunately nothing about accidents!

  5. This applebee`s is perhaps not like Mc Donalds, all over the world, I have never hear either,
    but this red apple is jumping surely to your eyes 🙂 nice one!

    Very nice weekend to you and long pleasant walks!

  6. we have one ,not too many miles from here.
    I have been once.great selection of foods,but it hurts my feelings to spend so much when I could buy so much more food at the grocer’s.

  7. There are a few in Mexico City and subs. But I never eat there. I will go in next weeks.

    Now, about “pan” , I do not know te word in engish for “bolillo”, “pan de agua”, or “pan salado”. I think is better put a photo of it. I will post soon.

    Tanks for your visit.


  8. We used to until about a year and a half ago. It was in a mall that was being refurbished and now its bye bye. it was a great place to go for an inexpensive just grab something to eat kind of place.

  9. We go to the Sequim Applebee’s quite often… they have great chocolate martini’s…

  10. We have an Appleby’s here at the beach in Delaware. Haven’t been there for a long time, but I hear they have Weight Watchers menu items with points included, so will have to try it.
    I love your blog.

  11. Applebee’s…it seems like they put bar-b-que sauce on everything. I’m allergic to tomatoes…

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