It Doesn't Hail In Washington

It doesn’t hail in least not where I live. I grew up in the Oklahoma Panhandle where a good hailstorm could wipe out a wheat crop in nothing flat. Last Friday, Big Brother and I were on our way to the hospital when it started hailing…baby size stones. (the dark spot is a knot hole in my deck) Then it turned into snow and slush. The storm was isolated. We probably had 2-3 inches where we were…but 3 miles to the West and a mile to the stopped. It’s been a wierd weather year.

12 thoughts on “It Doesn't Hail In Washington”

  1. Oh my! I’m impressed. The damage hail can do is awe inspiring. It’s probably nature as spectacular as it gets.

    So glad your baby is back on tracks and breathing ok now. Glad big brother is adjusting too. Having a grandma like sure I’m sure helps. Love to all!

  2. impressionnant, quand ça tombe, cela doit faire peur….j’espere qu’il n’y a pas eut trop de degat.

    impressing, when that falls, that must make fear….I hope that there is not had too much damage.

  3. Great hail photo. We get hail quite frequently here, but just small like your photo. Glad it was an isolated storm up your way. Just rain down here, and light showers at that. Those sunny days sure have been wonderful, and I’m really ready for spring!

  4. it’s a real treat for the kids when it hails here.closest thing we get to snow.
    It is so strange to have ice fall from the sky!

  5. Hi Norma!
    I’ve just came from my warm and sunny holidays break and wonder about your weather! It’s a long time since i haven’t seen any hail storm in Madrid! It’s a shame if your are in the street with no umbrella, it hurts so much!

  6. Good thing it is just “baby” hail because the bigger they are the harder they fall! We just got rained on this morning and my 1 1/2 year old had the most amazing expression of surprise as the rain hit her face. Aren’t slushy puddles fun?

  7. We had a very hard hail storm dump on us just a few hours ago. It was like thee faucet turned on and off again several times. Didn’t stay very long but it was sure noisy and made the house cold.
    So happy to hear that the baby is doing better.

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