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I love soccer! The two youngest boys learned in DYA soccer when I taught in Germany. Now I go to watch a grandson and a son-in-law. Yes, every Sunday you will find me at a game. Fall and Spring it is outdoors…Winter they play indoor ball. It’s a great game. I like the action…the great save by a goalie, the player who can steal a ball from another, and the perfect setup for a score. I admit that sometimes I cheer for the other team when they make a great play. (and then I duck my head) Our team has done well this winter. We should do well in the playoffs next week. I have tried all season to get a great action shot, using my camera’s pan feature. Today I gave up. This was the best of the lot…and it isn’t even average. If anyone has any tips, I’m listening. My camera is a Canon Power shot, S2 IS.

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  1. I always find myself cheering for a good play by either team.
    My hard-core sports buddies have come to understand why!

  2. le football en salle est tres populaire dans les pays froids, comme en allemagne où il y a un championnat professionel pendant l’hivers. j’ai joue pendant pas mal de temps au football en salle, c’est bien plus amusant (et fatiguant) que le football dans un stade. comme l’un de mes sports US preferes avec le Foot Us, c’est le foot us arena, les matchs c’est de la dynamite, j’adore cela.

    soccer indoor is very popular in the cold countries, as in Germany where there is a championship professionel during the winters. I badly have cheek during step time with the soccer indoor, it is much more amusing (and tiring) which the soccer in a stage. as one of my US sports prefer with Foot Us, it is the foot US arena, the matches it is dynamite, I love that.

  3. Faye, I like the foot off the floor just at the right edge of the photo – and the fact that your characters are in mid-play on the side of the photo. It leads me to imagine what else might be going on in the game. The writing Peninsula Colleg* on the wall establishes the credentials too. I like this photo.

    I haven’t played around too much with capturing movement and action though my photo today does seem to capture that. Tell me what you think.

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