Big Brother

Yesterday I took big brother to the hospital to see his mom and our new baby. At first when told he had to wear a mask, he wouldn’t come in. But the chance to see mommy and get some hugs was finally worth the effort. There were tears when it was time to go home and then he didn’t want to go back to stay with his cousin. I ended up with a wiggly, cuddly, 4 year old in my bed Thursday night. The good news is our baby went home Friday night. He was taken off the oxygen for 12 hours and his counts stayed up, the wheezing has stopped…things are looking up! Once again thanks for your care and concern. A good night’s sleep and I’ll be back visiting the world…I do enjoy Daily Photo Blog.

12 thoughts on “Big Brother”

  1. So glad Baby went home! And also that 4-yr-old has a nice, understanding grandma. I hope life settles down into the normal routine, if it can be called that with 2 young kids to care for.

  2. I’m so happy to hear the good news. I pray there will be rest for everyone. How nice that big brother could vist Mama. It was probably a scary and uncertain thing for him to do.
    Take your time and I look forward to our blog chats.

  3. What a relief that the baby is okay! Big brother (and grandma) is probably happy and relieved to have everyone back home! Hope everyone will be getting better sleep soon too! 🙂

  4. So happy to know the baby will be at home Friday! For his mum, to have a mother like you is a whitout price gift (I don’t know if my English lets understand what i mean, but i lost my mother ten years ago when my kids were very young…) Have a good rest, Norma and take care. Denton is your brother?!

  5. I read just now your post of the baby and agree with everyones words in their comments.
    I hope, you have got now a good rest both your body and your mind.
    All the best for a little one and your whole family !

  6. voila de bonnes nouvelles du bebe. cela doit etre tres impressionnant pour son grand frere.

    veiled good news of the baby. that must be very impressive for his big brother.

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