View from a hospital window

We are truly lucky to have wonderful views in our local hospital. If you are in a North facing room, you look at the Strait of Juan De Fuca. If you have a South facing room,you look at the mountains. Below you will find a snapshot of me, all suited up. Baby is better, but he does have the flu virus along with viral pneumonia. Hence the get up below. Mom is improving. Maybe Friday we go home if things continue to progress in the right direction. Thank you for all of your compassionate and thoughtful comments today. I so appreciate this wonderful community of DP

12 thoughts on “View from a hospital window”

  1. I’m so happy to hear that, Norma.
    Thank u so much for stopping by and let your hopeful words there. I send you all my support!
    And by the way, this is great view… 🙂

  2. superbe vue, elle fait rever (si elle n’etait pas prise d’un hospital). content de voir que cela va mieux et j’espere que vous passerez le weekend en famille à la maison. donne le bonjour d’Evry à la maman et au bebe.

    superb sight, it makes dream (if it were not taken of a hospital). glad to see that that is better and I hope that you will pass the weekend in family to the house. give the hello of Evry to the mom and to the baby

  3. I clicked on your blog today in hopes of news about the welfare of the baby and mother. Thanks for the post and for the news. I think all your little community out here is cheering you and them on today.

  4. Glad to see that you have excellent scenery from the hospital and that mom and baby are improving. It’s so scary when little ones are sick.

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