So Tiny

Our family’s new baby is back in the hospital. He will be three weeks old on Thursday. The Doctor suspects viral pneumonia. They have him on oxygen and the doctors and nurses atOlympic Medical Center are taking excellent care. The problem is mom is also sick. Once baby was checked in, fed and hooked up, I took her to the Doctor. He suspects day 5 of the flu. There have been 2 deaths in children in the Seattle area from flu related complications. Naturally we are all worried. I will be posting some photos from my archives with bland comments over the next couple of days. I promise to catch up, but priorities for the moment.

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  1. Awww…. such a sweet little baby. Please know that I will be praying for this wee tyke now and tomorrow and hopefully you’ll give us good news soon. How precious and hopefully everyone will be on the road to recovery soon. I’m just getting over bacterial pneumonia! 🙁


  2. What a tender photo, Norma!
    I hope your baby and mom get better soon! Nature is really strong and always find its way to going on!
    I’ll wait for your good news, take care 🙂

  3. Baby’s look fragile and tiny, but they’re really very strong. I pray that this mom and baby recover quickly. At least he’s in hospital and receiving excellent medical care.

  4. There is nothing sadder to me than a sight of a tiny baby hooked up to all those support tubes. I hope he and his mom recover very quickly. My thoughts are with them and you too, Norma.

  5. de tout coeur avec toi, j’espere que tout va bien se passer. On attend avec impatience des nouvelles du Bebe et de la maman.

    of any heart with you, I hope that all well will occur. One impatiently awaits news of the Baby and the mom.

  6. Seeing a helpless baby who is sick tears one’s heart. The babe is in the right place for good care. My thoughts are with you, the baby and the entire family.

  7. Our prayers are with the little baby and the mom too. God bless you with strength to go through the difficult times. Waiting for the baby’s photo after baby is back home, recovered and healthy..

  8. What a terrible picture
    Such a little hand and these transparent tubes on the sheet
    Nevertheless, I see the hand is not closed, this hand is relaxed
    This baby will be fine soon.
    This baby will forget all of these moments and be a healthy baby.
    I hope so. Je l’espère très fort.

  9. I’m sure that all will go better and better in a few days, babies are stronger than we often think. The doctors are doing all possible for your lovely baby and his mother. I would want to give you strength and hug you, it’s so unbearable to see those we love suffering and anxious.

  10. Dear Norma, I am sending all my best loving energy for the baby and mom. How fortunate we all are to live in these times with awesome health care.

  11. It is a beautiful photo! I work in a hospital and I know it is so very hard for the families when a tiny little baby (or anyone they love) is sick enough to stay there. Many times, especially with little babies, it is more for precaution. Take advantage of whatever help the hospital/nurses, etc can give you – that is why they are there! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both mom and baby.

  12. That’s a sweet, sweet picture. I can only imagine how worried you all must be. Thank goodness you are well so you can be there for both mom and child. Take care of yourself too.

  13. A very sweet picture… and sad story. I add my thoughts and prayers to this already long list of wishes for your family.

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