The Old Mill Cafe

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After a long absence, I had lunch at The Old Mill Cafe in Carlsburg. The food was excellent. Their clam chowder is just the best. Carlsburg is a spot in the road between the town of Sequim proper and my house. Although the 200 census reports only 800 inhabitants, it does have a post office, a restaurant, an industrial park, and some small shops. It also has a rich history. The log mill, which closed in 1967, was important economic endeavor in this area. A Google search failed to produce a website dedicated to the history of Carlsborg. This surprised me. I have broken the rules and posted a second picture today of a stump in front of the restaurant. The stump was brought to the area from up in the mountains by a generous donor…and possibly a happy customer.stumps.jpg

9 thoughts on “The Old Mill Cafe”

  1. il est sympa ce café et impressionnant le tronc d’arbre. je te souhaite un bon weeck end

    it is sympathetic this coffee and impressing the tree trunk. I wish you a good weeck end

  2. Mmm, my kind of lunch place. And clam chowder sounds so good right now (even though it’s only 6:42am). I’m reading an immigrant novel, and now I’m fascinated by the history of American towns, and I wonder about Carlsburg. Who mostly settled these WA towns? Any particular nationalities? Americans who had been here a while?

  3. That looks like a really cozy place. And the stump. It’s definitely photogenic.
    And thank you so much for supporting us in our time of grief.

  4. What it is about clam chowder that it isn’t quite the same from place to place? I love clam chowder. Interesting restaurant architecture, interesting yard art (the stump).

  5. I have to wonder how in the world the person transported that stump!

    I love clam chowder, the New England kind. Is that the kind they serve at the Old Mill?

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