Guardians at the Gate

Often as I drive to work, I’ve noticed these birds perched on top of the street lights that are on the River Road overpass. There wasn’t anywhere to pull off and take a picture. Then I found they were also perching on the street lights along the bypass. I know they aren’t seagulls, eagles or sparrows…after that…maybe pigeons? Where is my bird book when I need it?

16 thoughts on “Guardians at the Gate”

  1. oui je reconnais ces etres immondes, c’est des pigeons. JE HAIS (encore une fois) LES PIGEONS. J’espere que la ville d’Evry va faire quelque chose pour nous en debarraser. desole…

    yes I recognize these beings immondes, they are pigeons. I HATE (once again) the PIGEONS. I hope that the town of Evry will do something for us to disencumber some. afflicted…

  2. You seem to have a very good camera You managed to have a very neat picture instead you were so far
    Yes these birds are very common in France We have plenty of them in Paris

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