Did you read “Dear Abby” yesterday? When selecting a picture for this Valentine’s Day, this picture came to mind. In fairness, it was my camera, I was there, but I didn’t take this picture. It was taken at the rose garden in Tacoma and this beauty was there with her daughter. Don’t forget to call or spend some time with someone is alone today.

22 thoughts on “Roses”

  1. Wow, that’s a really beautiful pic, beautiful red!
    you know, maybe one your friends who teach in Madrid could have been my teacher! πŸ˜‰

    have a nice day there!

  2. superbe photo pour la saint valentin, bravo.
    Je te souhaite une bonne saint valentin.

    superb photograph for the Valentine saint, cheer. I wish you good a Valentine saint.

  3. She is obviously is enjoying the roses. Her daughter taking the time to go and enjoy them with her. A beautiful photo.

  4. Point well taken. Valentines Day is a difficult day for many people since it makes them feel loney and unloved. Even a smile at the grocery clerk will help brighten everyone’s day. Great shot of a beautiful woman.

  5. Love keeps us alive and thriving. Thank you for reminding us all of how important we can be to others today and everyday.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. A thought of your post is just that, what we are celebrating Valentine`s day, which wecall ” Friend`s day”., and it means remembering by cards with kind words or by phone, not so much by buying presents.
    Your post is touching in every way.
    thank you also for your kind comments on my site.

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