Sequim's Public Library

After Dsole posted that wonderful library in Madrid…I thought I’d give you a little contrast. Our library is not big enough, even for our small town, but it is mighty. Part of the North Olympic Library System , it offers access to materials in librarys through out Clallam Country. I love the fact I can go online and search for books, movies, CD’s. Once I find what I want, I simply order it and I’m notified by email when it is ready for pick-up. Not bad! It has only been in what I like to call recent history that they have instituted fines for late materials.

6 thoughts on “Sequim's Public Library”

  1. Hi!! thancks for visit in to my blog!
    It’s a pleasure to have metyou!
    The bookcases are places that always hide of surprised appreciate ones..
    Ciao!!! Daniele.

  2. I love our library system and being able to do it all online is a big huge bonus! I only wish they just started charging fees lately. I’m sure we’ve bought a few books with our fees! (but it’s for a good cause)

  3. I love our library! One of my favorite places in Sequim to go…for research, escaping for a bit, reading material, you name it. I love, like you wrote, about how you can go online and search and just request it and pick it up when you are notified. I don’t mind the late fees and I’m guilty of them now and then. (They even give you a grace period.) But that way, makes people return them on time so that the next in line can get them. It’s easy to renew online too.
    I ventured to the Port Angeles library last week for the first time, compared to Sequim, that place almost feels overwhelming, but it sure has a lot to offer!

  4. Hi from Madrid!
    it’s a nice system! I love going to libraries too, thank u for posting this one, it’s quite interesting to see same places in differentes cities!

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