12 thoughts on “Harbingers of Spring”

  1. I’ve also a garden blog and I posted to day the same flower which is growing in my garden
    In French : “prmevère” and in English primula. Actually, mine is a wild one and grows without problem and gives much seeds
    I like the fact that spring will be soon here

    In the house you saw, nbody is living now
    It was for the owner of the field In the past it was necessary to have such little house to keep tools and to have lunch because there was no car. Every body must go by feet and it is far from home.

  2. The bold, almost luminous, colors jump off the screen! I really like the way you centered right in on the pansies so they fill the borders. Your photo really started my day off in the best way…and even though it is now evening, it still makes me smile.

  3. Is this flower really outside? It`s beautiful. Our primula will start to grow up after two months, so, I
    can then speak being ready to a spring. Now we must be ready more snow and frost still these two months.
    But March in Finland is quite nice, sun is shining and snow is sparkling. People go to ski on a ice of lakes, we like our March. It is a best time of our winter.

    Get well soon !

  4. Beautiful photo! It cheers my heart, especially since we expect a week of snow and cold! Spring is out there somewhere!

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