Poor Computer

For those who saw the picture of our new baby and saw yesterday’s post, you might have thought you would see me spoiling the baby…and that has been going on…but the real reason I have been out of pocket this last week, lies in this room. I thought a 2 week window was ample time to move all the furniture out, paint the walls, and get moved backed in…Normally it would be, but we had a new baby. Then I got sick and gave it to the grandson who was helping me with this project. My poor little computer has been unplugged, plugged back in…moved from one side of the room…notice the paint can I am using for a chair. You might also see evidence of a quick breakfast, blue painter’s tape…and definately missing covers for light fixtures. I am very happy with the color. This was achieved after three primer coats (it was going over paneling), then a base coat followed by a glaze. Tonight the grandson comes after his second job and we shampoo the floor. I love my grandkids!

9 thoughts on “Poor Computer”

  1. Alternatively, you could be like us – the office in serious need of clean up and a new coat of paint and getting books off the floor – but because we don’t want to unplug the computer, the job’s been postponed for, let me see, 4 years now? Good for you for getting it done!

  2. on peut apprecier ton fauteuil, tres design, il est superbe. ;o)
    Je te souhaite un bon week end

    one can appreciate your armchair, very design, it is superb. ; O) I wish you a good week end

  3. Looks like great progress to me! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Looking forward to the picture of the finished project!

  4. heyyyyyyyyyy!
    make sure you visit my blog today ….a celebration is happening as I approach my 300th post, also nearing 13,000 visitors, so gifts all round!


  5. Grandkids are great aren’t they. That “chair” leaves something to be desired I think. Redoing is a real pain. We are finally finished with or first bathroom renovation except for the mirror and the second one is half done. What a mess and inconvenience but so worth the end result. Think we will get more for the house for what we are doing now and what still needs to be done.
    You will be so happy when your room is picture perfect. So please post it.

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