Meeting of the Minds

meetingofthe minds.jpg
I hope three of the nicest neighbors find this picture as amusing as I did. The lot next to me is being cleared in preparation for building a home. One of the neighbor’s father has spent the last week helping out. They have felled trees, cut them in to small logs and then split the wood. I was on my way out the door to teach and grabbed my camera. I noticed the guys having a conference. They were all standing around the logs, I assume discussing which tree should come down next…or maybe it was the Superbowl. I started shooting through the window, and didn’t realize I had this shot until I got home. Can you see why it tickled my funny bone?

10 thoughts on “Meeting of the Minds”

  1. Wow, you snapped this perfectly, Norma! Yes, I can see why it tickled you. Two and two. I think they’re finding a moment of disagreement so they can catch their breath and take a quick break. They actually know exactly the right one to do next.

  2. hommes au travail, le theme de la fin du mois. beau boulot et belle photo.
    Le bebe va bien ?

    men with work, the topic of the end of the month. beautiful job and beautiful photo. Is the baby well?

  3. Men at work a study in itself… I am not sure I like this conversation LOL

    I kinda think their wives are calling fro them and they are trying to act like they don’t hear her?

  4. You caught a perfect shot there!! I love it when the shot is candid and nobody is posing for the photograph.

    My guess is the guy on the right was pointing to a falling tree and yelling, “TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and the rest were looking, thinking, “Where? Where?”

    Well, it’s either that or the guy was yelling, “Coffee’s here!!”

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