Bin Buying

One of the many fun facets of shopping at Funny Farms is the option of buying just what I want in the amount I desire. One can find all kinds of beans, steel cut oats, bulgar, 5 different types of rice, trail mix and the staples of cooking. Spices can also be had prepackaged in small quanities. Food stuffs can be purchased for large families or for those of us who find ourselves often cooking for one. it’s always fresh and always tasty!

5 thoughts on “Bin Buying”

  1. cela me fait penser aux magasins biologiques, ils ont plein de choix de cereales, riz, vendu comme cela en vrac

    that makes me think of the biological stores, they have full with choice of cereals, rice, sold like that in bulk

  2. We have various stores like this, where we can buy in bulk, but
    I find them great for buying in small quantities.
    Don’t you love the variety and colour in this photo..?!

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