Theme Day….Something in My Town That Annoys Me

I confered with a friend, and honestly I couldn’t think of anything in Sequim that “annoyed” me. I like where I live…and then I was waiting in line at the dump. There it was…someone was throwing away something that could be recycled!…and there was a bunch of it. I whipped that camera out and snapped away. Not 50 feet away was a huge container proclaiming “Cardboard Only”. It bugs me for several reasons…but it really bugs me because we are now having to pay to transport our refuse off the Peninsula. Our landfill has closed…which is a whole other story.

22 thoughts on “Theme Day….Something in My Town That Annoys Me”

  1. I like the idea of “Olympic Disposal” …. there are those in London (not me!!) who want to do that with the 2012 games!

  2. Wow, it’s just like a scene from “60 Minutes.” You documented it. Great photo, too.
    Funny that Ham thought of the Olympic Games. . .Seeing them everyday, I think of the mountains.

  3. le recyclage est une question tres importante pour l’avenir de notre planete. il est vrai que les gens jettent et changent bien vite leurs appareils. cela va evoluer j’espere. tres bon theme

    recycling is a very important question for the future of our planet. it is true that people throw and change well quickly their apparatuses. that will evolve I hope. very good topic

  4. Sometimes it’s hard to find something annoying… I love madrid but if I take a minute I will find many reasons for not loving it so much… Sometimes you see things that are really annoying.. people careless for the enviroment, and that’s an universal complain!

  5. Recycling is so easy to do and so easy to forget. I’m so guilty for this forget part in some case.
    Nelson just start collecting plastic, can(tin) , paper and glass. We can still bring those to place called tip for recycle. It’s getting better….

  6. recycling is the only way to go. i feel guilty if I can’t find a bin to throw away my bottles or whatever. it takes a little more effort but our world will be thankful.

  7. Caught on film! It makes me crazy to see people not recycling! One of the offices where I work does not recycle paper and it really annoys me. I have a personal paper recycle at my desk that I take home and put in my home recycle bin.

  8. Recycling as an individual thing is important, BUT it’s a droip in the ocean compared to industrial waste and the production of excess material in the first place. Ther ehas to be corporate and government responsibility to match individual effort!

  9. You are so right…it really bothers me when people don’t bother to recycle. Especially when there is another container so close by. Errr

  10. Interestingly, with the volume of garbage produced in NYC every day, we have a relatively efficient garbage disposal system. We are required by law to recycle paper and plastic products so most apartment buildings and businesses have three separate containers for the garbage. Also, most building, including my co-op, has an “in house” janitor who sorts and packages all the garbage before they go out on the street for collection. Otherwise, the we (the owners) get fined for inappropriate disposal of garbage.

    Some see it as a good thing. Others think it’s another way the government is interferring with our daily lives.

  11. Opps the daisy! Sorry for the grammatical errors in the message. My mother would be horrified if she read what I just wrote.

    Note to self: read post before hitting “submit comment”.

  12. We certainly don’t do enough for the environment – meaning, for ourselves and our children!
    I wish our world evolved more around the concept of durability,

  13. We’re keen on recycling in our house though taking the wine bottles to the bottle bank after the weekend can be embarrassing.
    I once “mentioned” to a neighbour that he shouldn’t leave DIY stuff in the bin for household refuse. Boy, did he give me a mouthful!

  14. I must apologize not coming and visit you before
    Your blog is so beautiful, I like your pictures, the one in the shop is great, the building sites too, and the gull on the stacks !
    I can now understand why you love Olivier’s blog. I often see your comments on it.
    Thank you for visiting me. I was happy you noticed the bottles shadow

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