Sunset – Repost

suns.jpgFor the first time, I missed the midnight posting. I just got back from the hospital where we had a “false alarm”. I’m a support person for a dear friend who is having baby number two. Daddy is out of town and I said I would try and remember what to do. I had planned to write in detail about all the wonderful items you buy in bulk at Sunny Farms. Instead you are getting a photo from my archives. Right now I am just tired and want to go to bed. I promise to be back later to visit your blogs.

12 thoughts on “Sunset – Repost”

  1. Rest well and you will do fine as a coach. That baby will still come whether you remember some things to do or not, so hang in there.
    I like your archive sunset. The golden glow is beautiful.

  2. A beautiful photo. My anti-spam word is ‘natural’ which seems fitting, since it’s nature at its finest.

    I wish your friend the best and good luck to you when the time comes.

  3. RIght now I think you are sleeping and dreaming of babies. It’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever done, watching a baby being born. It seemed a miracle at the moment and I still think of that as a time when the light changed and the world was fresh and new.

  4. voila une photo qui fait toujours rever. les couleurs et les ombres sont superbes. bravo

    veiled a photograph which always makes dream. the colors and the shades are superb. cheer

  5. You’ll tell us when the baby is born, will you!
    Hope you had a good rest. And that photo from the vault is beautiful.

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