Seasonal Fruit at Sunny Farms – Repost

Sunny Farms, located at 261461 Highway 101 in Sequim is one of my favorite places to shop. I love their fruits and veggies. I will be featuring several photos of Sunny Farms and their products over the next week. A previous post can be seen here

15 thoughts on “Seasonal Fruit at Sunny Farms – Repost”

  1. Its nice to see the fresh fruit. “They” say our fruit will be more expensive as spring and summer roll around due to the freeze damaging so many crops at just the wrong time.
    I do like your picture.

  2. Farm markets are the best if you have the option.
    Fresher produce, and the farmer gets more money for this efforts.
    Lovely photo, great colour.

  3. Love markets (miss the the ones in Paris!). I also find it ironic, that even though we grow grapefruits in Florida, they cost $1 each here, while your market charges only 39 cents…

  4. They look wonderful! (regarding what you asked about the quilt on my daughter’s room: my grandma did it. she quilts all the time.)

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