9 thoughts on “Swains Garden Shop – Repost”

  1. The basket showed in my photoblog is done as a kind of art, the basket are small and are used to keep some things in. About your photo, I work in a place where plants are grown, plants so similar to that. I like how they smell.

  2. my Mom is big in flowers. she has all kind of, for each season. i wish could plant my rosemary, basil etc. for my own use in the kitchen. will try.

  3. I do miss the green of the plants and trees this time of year, I only have three more months until spring in my part of the world and I can see plant life outside once again.

  4. Hard to believe its time for my favorite flower, Pansies. Very nice shot. Too bad they have downsized. It seems like everyone is downsizing except for my waist line…

  5. I must admit i can spend a lot of time in this sort of places, looking for some new seeds or flowers or plants, and spend perhaps a little too much money…I love my garden!

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