Big Wheels – Repost

Although logging is not the industry it once was in this area, you will still see these big trucks with their log carriers barreling down the highway. This picture was taken on a Sunday. I’m not sure if their drivers had the day off (highly unlikely) or if they just weren’t hauling at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Big Wheels – Repost”

  1. tres impressionnant ce camion, c’est pas un mille pattes, c’est un mille roues ;o)
    Je te souhaite un bon weeck end

    very impressing this truck, it is not one thousand legs, it is one thousand wheels; O) I wish you a good weeck end

  2. When the page was loading, the photo has not come up yet and all I saw was the title, “Big Wheels”

    Immediately, I started humming, “Big wheels keep on turning. Proud Mary keeps on burning!” Now I can’t get that song out of my head. I will be humming this song for all weekend.

    Cool picture!!

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