One of the Bunkers at Salt Creek – Repost

As you drive around at the Salt Creek recreation area, you will see concrete bunkers. These were part of “Ft. Hayden” and used to store ammunition and to mount large guns to protect the strait. For more information on this part of history, visit the Ft. Hayden site.

15 thoughts on “One of the Bunkers at Salt Creek – Repost”

  1. It`s very good thing, that there can be so nice layer of moss.
    It means – no need just now guns inside.
    Thank you for a different photo.

  2. quand on se promene par hasard dans la foret, cela doit etre surprenant de trouver un bunker. il est ouvert ?

    when one walks by chance in the drill, that must be surprising to find a bunker. it is open?

  3. Can you imagine the panic that people felt when they were “sure” the Japanese were about to invade? Do they use this as a tourist attaction now?

  4. This reminds me of when I went to nearby Ft Casey as a chaperone with each of my kids for the school’s 5th grade camp. They would take us into the bunker throgh the tunnels and have us sit inside in complete dark…to give them a feel of what it would have been like for those soldiers. Then of course they would tell them a story and scare the rats out of them! It sure made an impact.

  5. It’s so interesting to read this post and the comments, and to see the photo, because I’ve never seen one of these. I don’t know if we have any in Michigan. I like Mimmu’s point!

    BTW, Norma, you mentioned my lens in your comment at flying. That’s funny, because I really have a so-so camera and complain about the lens all the time. (I don’t have a DSLR.) It just so happened that I took the photo of the birds through our sliding door window, which is the only way I could get that close to them (plus the extent of my not-so-great zoom). The other thing is that I have a “secret” software tool that helps reduce the noise that always shows up with my zoom. So, thanks for thinking I have a nice lens! If you ever want to know the “secret” tool, let me know! 🙂

  6. This is a beautiful shot. I like those kind of things that remind us of the past and of the events that happened once in a while in our cities…

  7. When I see places with such history, I am so delighted. And then I wonder, what of the contemporary will become historical. What will people in the future find interesting and worth comment?

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