15 thoughts on “Winter Fishing – Repost”

  1. Fishing… wow… you need so much patiente for that!! but it’s a good way to isolate yourself without giving any reason… Silence, the river and the hidden fish..
    Morning from madrid 🙂

  2. I like the way you’ve captured the stillness. I’m sure fishing’s an excuse for standing round listening to your own thoughts.

  3. d’abord bravo au pêcheur, il est courageux de pêcher par ce temps. ta photo et les reflets sont superbes. une tres belle photo

    initially cheer with the fisherman, it is courageous to fish by this time. your photograph and the reflections are superb. a very beautiful photograph

  4. The reflections are great. I first noticed the man’s reflection then the post, then the grass. And then on a third look I see the reflection of the trees in the bend in the river behind the fisherman. I may have to look and fourth and fifth time.

  5. A photographer told me that one definition of a great photograph is that viewers want to look at it a long time, or over and over again. So many of your photographs, this one included, meets that description.

  6. I just read your comments on my blog. It’s true, I’ve been less than forthcoming on the meanfre address, just to stay private.

    You are not only talented, you are kind.

    Best to you, Annie

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