Dungeness Wildlife Refuge – Repost

Just down the road a piece is one of my favorite places to go just about any time of the year. The sunsets here can be spectacular. When my neighbor sent me a wonderful picture she took last weekend, I drug out the “slip over your shoes” spiky things to help me keep from slipping and falling and took a walk. Over the next few days I will offer you some delightful sights of a small part of the lovely “Dungeness Wildlife Refuge”.

8 thoughts on “Dungeness Wildlife Refuge – Repost”

  1. I think I have been here, though I don’t remember much; I just remember the sigh, because I didn’t know how to pronounce it, and Dad and I tried all possible variations. How do you pronounce it?

  2. l’endroit doit etre superbe pour faire de belles balades (et de belles photos). merci pour le lien internet

    the place must be superb to make the beautiful ones stroll (and of beautiful photographs). thank you for bond Internet

  3. It’s so fun to see snow! I’ve heard that snowshoeing is a workout, so I’m sure that even a short walk in spiky overshoes must me a small workout!

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