Downed Tree – Repost

This beauty did not come down in the last storm. It has been laying on it’s side for a couple of months, but it represents what has happened all over our county. The newpaper last Thursday that those who use wood for heat, could apply to cut up to 6 cords of wood free from designated areas in Clallam and Jefferson Country.

6 thoughts on “Downed Tree – Repost”

  1. impressionnant cet arbre apres la tempete. ta photo est tres belle. j’espere que vous n’avez pas eut une coupure d’electricité trop importante et trop longue

    impressing this tree after the storm. your photograph is very beautiful. I hope that you do not have had a cut of too important and too long electricity

  2. Wooow, that’s really amazing. i’m always amazed by trees’ photo, and that’s so powerful!
    You have lovely snow-related pics too, i miss snow here this year!
    Greetings from Madrid! 🙂

  3. This is a smart way to clear the land of fallen trees and provide an in-expensive double-fuel source. Double fuel, you ask? Yep, you get warm chopping and hauling it and then you get warm again burning it.

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