Health Clinic – Repost

With the cost of health care today, our community is very fortunate to have doctors and nurses who volunteer their time to staff this free health clinic. Although it is only open for a short period of time, it plays a very important role in providing medical assistance for those who can not afford to pay. The building is furnished rent free by a local church and several other churches provide monitary assistance for electricity, supplies, etc.

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  1. voila en effet quelque chose de tres important dans la vie d’une ville ou d’une region.
    bravo pour ces gens qui donnent de leurs temps pour guerir les autres
    superbe post

    indeed veiled something of very important in the life of a city or an area. cheer for these people who give their times to cure the others superb post

  2. What a wonderful resource to have.

    We had some horrible years when the girls were much younger that we had no insurance. They had to be really ill for us to take them for medical care. It’s a horrible thing for a parent to have to decide if they can afford to go to the doctor or not.

  3. Free clinics are an important part of our society. Yours looks like a very vital, important part of your community.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your very nice comments. Please come back again anytime.

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