24 hours later

My daily post was premature..the snow on the ledges measures 8 inches. School has been canceled. One of the big trees in my mini forest broke off about 20 feet above the ground, took out part of the fence, landing on my neighbor’s roof. School has been canceled….my grandson thinks he is delighted…he is too young to understand “make-up days”. But Oliver the cat and I are tucked in and will deal with all of this another day.

5 thoughts on “24 hours later”

  1. Whoah! We had a couple inches, and school is in session. You got slammed up there! Thanks for the second shot. My teen made a snowman for the first time last night and watched others sled down the street. . .fun! The walk to school in the sub-freeaing temp. probably wasn’t, though 😉

  2. Norma, wow! That is a beautiful view from your deck! Such great trees. I suspect I’ll be seeing scenes like this before long out my back window. Is this much snow unusual for you in WA?

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