Happy Thanksgiving, Daddy

On Vetern’s Day, I had every intention of posting a picture of my Dad. a vetern of World War II. Could I find the picture I was looking for of him in uniform? No! So today I am taking this opportunity to post a picture of a wonderful man, and his lovely wife June, both of whom I am very thankful for and grateful. Dad is a retired wheat farmer…I am not sure they ever really retire. He and June lives in a small…and I do mean SMALL town in the Panhandle of Oklahoma. Dad tells wonderful stories about surviving the Dirty Thirties, riding a horse to school, and how his dad, my grandfather, told him he would be entitled to vote Republican after he made his second million. (Dad was thinking of voting Republican when Eisenhower ran for President.) He would be the first to tell you war is an ugly and often inhumane act. Yet every Vetern’s Day and Memorial Day, this 86 year old man puts American Flags on all of the graves of the Veterns in my home town. His example of quietly honoring and remembering those who have served is an inspiration to me. I love you, Dad.

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Daddy”

  1. What a wonderful post this is! You should never waste a chance of telling people you love them and you do it beautifully. My post today is also about my dad, with the same love.

  2. Norma, That’s beautful. My dad died in September this year, and I treasure many memories of him, like Nathalie who has written so movingly recently about her dad too.

    Beautiful photo too, showing all the character of these two beautiful people. [I’m wiping away a little tear now].

    For me, photo of the day.

  3. What a wonderful photo. They both have such character in their faces and the words you wrote tell of a wonderful man.

    Your love for your dad really touches me.

  4. Norma,

    What a wonderful tribute to your dad. I leave you the same message I left your brother as it seems just as appropriate. My deepest sympathies are with you and yours during this difficult time. May you have wonderful memories to get you through the tough times and stories to tell so that you do not forget.

  5. Wonderful photo. Made even more wonderful by this heartfelt and thoughtful tribute. Thank you for sharing it. Makes me richer.

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