Rain, Rain, and more Rain


If you have been watching or reading the “news”, the Pacific Northwest has been inundated with rain in the last 4 days. It continues today. This photo was taken through my car window. Tomorrow I will share with you a photo of our local river…not yet flooding, but close.

5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, and more Rain”

  1. This is such a lovely shot, and very well conceived. I feel your pain. . . .;^) Even my mom’s dog won’t go outside the past two days. I went up to Victoria for the weekend and more of the same up that way.

  2. I have been hearing about all your rain. It’s got to be getting tiresome – not to mention troubling just trying to get from one place to another.

    This was a nice photo to commemorate the weather – a nice, pretty photo.

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