Christmas Trees


I walked into Costco last week…and there they were. Not even November yet and this big box store already had them displayed, lit and for sale. Hum…

4 thoughts on “Christmas Trees”

  1. I heard a report on public radio recently that said retailers are hurting themselves because consumers are tired of holiday decorations that are put up too soon prior to the event. I don’t wish for anything that would hurt our economy, but, I, too, am tired of being saturated with the sight of wreaths, trees, santas elves,and all the rest, I doubt that it will change however. Despite what I just said, I like your photograph!!

  2. Curley,

    I so agree with your comment about the size of the room the big tree would need…but they exist. I stopped by to see some old friends this last weekend..their ceilings must have been 10-12 feet tall, and the entry hall was 2 stories. I kept thinking…don’t they know heat rises.

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