The Washington State Ferry System


Someone I know used to complain, “There is one road in, and one road out.” He was grumbling about accessibility to the Olympic Peninsula, where Sequim is located. One of the ways to get here is by riding one of the very neccessary Washington State Ferries. I generally take the Kingston or Winslow Ferry. (Sequim is located approximately under the the Highway 101 sign to the right of Port Angeles.) I like the peaceful ride, the water, and the occasional whale one will see in the Puget Sound. I don’t like the price.

One thought on “The Washington State Ferry System”

  1. Your description of ferry rides makes me long for another trip to your part of the world. I probably wouldn’t like the price either, if I were to ride often, but as a tourist, I know I’d pay without flinching.

    I love your photos. They provoke all kinds of dreams and longing in me.

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