101 Diner

When I took this photo, my plan was to occasionally put in photos from some of my favorite restaurants. 101 is right on Highway 101 in downtown Sequim. The restaurant is decorated in a 50’s motif…and the food is just about what you would expect…genuine American. I like to go there with my kids for breakfast. My grandson requested we go there for his birthday last year..he swears they have the best bacon in town.
The picture doesn’t look like it, but this is a sign about 10 foot tall, suspended on a pole above the restaurant. When I downloaded the photo, I thought it looked more like a emblem on a wall.

2 thoughts on “101 Diner”

  1. One of the things I love about Sequim is that some of the local restaurants have sweet potatoes or yams in their menus. As a yam lover, I was thrilled! Love, love, love the sweet potatoes fries at the 101 Diner! Yum!

  2. 1994, august, 7 (Sunday). I came from France with my wife Florence to visit Washington State on bicycle. We stopped in front of this attractive Hi-Way 101 Diner. Marvellous lunch in a magic ’50 setting. Sirloin steack with grated potatoes under blackberryjam : heaven’s door ! Great memories from your small charming town : thanx for your kindness, american brothers & sisters !

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