3 thoughts on “Balloons Galore”

  1. Wonderful photo. Until I read your explanation I thought they were floating high in the sky. How high above the street venders were they floating? Also, I would never have imagined that a town in Washington state would have an Irrigation Festival.

  2. Denton, I’m not sure how high above the vendor they were…I’m terrible at estimating distance. Maybe 10-15 feet. I was across the street. And yes, we do have an irrigation festival. Sequim is in the shadow of the rainforest. We average 17-19 inches a year. Storms come in off the Pacific, dump all their moisture on the rain forest side —Quinault, (they once had 15 feet of rain) Forks, (they can average 75) La Push, etc—then come across us . By the time they have traveled across the Strait, they have lots of moisture to dump on Seattle.
    The Festival celebratest the early pioneers who settle this area and dug ditches from the Dungeness River to water their crops.

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