Seal Street Park

On Washington Street in Sequim is perhaps the smallest park in the world. Seal Street used to feed in to Washington. The City Fathers decided to “sidewalk” it off, put in a map, a Life Trail exercise point, and posted a sign. There is a lovely bench to sit and watch people and you are right beside wonderful flowers.

5 thoughts on “Seal Street Park”

  1. Hi Norma,

    Welcome to the City Blog Family! I’m on Seattle’s Eastside. I’ve only been doing this for a month or so now, but have been having lots of fun. Everything I look at is a potential photo now. 🙂

    So when I think of Sequim, it’s not the lavender that comes to mind, but the Olympic Game Farm, a favorite of my husband’s. Just the thought of a monster bison trying to climb in the car makes me shudder! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your town.

  2. That stone work is very attractive. I like the Elk atop the directional sign. Seems you have some good city planner keeping things tidy, neat, and user-friendly downtown.

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