The Blue Whole

bluewhole copy.jpgWestern Washington is known to be cloudy and rainy, but pilots swear up and down when you fly over Sequim, the sky opens up. The phenomona is known as “The Blue Hole”. A local art cooperative gallery used a play on words, as their name. We have some very talented artists in this area and I originally posted a link to their website..only to find out it doesn’t work.

6 thoughts on “The Blue Whole”

  1. Welcome to daily photo. Glad to see you have an inclination to post about art and artists.. I look forward to more great shots.

  2. I took a class in Seattle on year, and it rained every day. On day 5 of the class, the room started getting brighter, as the sun poked through the clouds for the first time in a while. Everyone ran to the window to watch, but it only lasted a short while…….. Welcome to the group!

  3. Bill, that class should have been in Sequim! We average 17-19 inches of rain a year. Sequim is in the rainshadow of the Olympics. The storms dump all their rain on the mountains before they get to Sequim, then move across the sound picking up more moisture on their way to Seattle. We even have a native cactus

    Bill, John and Santy, Thank you for the warm welcome!

  4. Hi Norma,
    Welcome from Seattle Daily Photo! I’m glad we will be able to see a bit of Sequim through your lens. It’s nice to have another area of Washington represented in the CDP bloggers. I have two sets of friends who want to move to Sequim from California, so that certainly says something about the blue hole. I’ve heard it is very charming. Have fun with your photos!

  5. Welcome Aboard, Lavender Lady.

    We love Lavender, here “en Provence”. It’s a typical product of that part of southern France.

    See you Daily


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