Welcome to Sequim, WA!

A store called Purple Haze in Sequim, WA


Home of lavender, elk, retired people and their parents, Sequim is no longer the sleeply little agricultural community it once was. We unfortunately now have a Wally world, two-round-a-bouts, a lavender festival that reportedly attracts 30,00 plus people and a fancy dancy state of the art Costco. I’ll share all the wonderful things about living in Sequim, and a bit of the tongue in cheek grumbling of our locals (I would be one of them). Still, Purple Haze is one of my favorite places in the downtown area. Check out the Purple Haze website for more information.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Sequim, WA!”

  1. Thank you so much for you beautiful pictures. My family and I just returned from a visit to Sequim. Before we left I found your pictures. It was funny, one day after exploring Dungeness Beach and my daughter said that she was starving. I remembered seeing a picture of the parking lot a “Three Crabs” that you had taken so we snooped around and found that restaurant. It was wonderful. I had an open face crab sandwich. yum. Thanks again for your photos. We also visited The Purple Haze Lavender Shop. That was a little piece of Lavender heaven.
    We are in the process of selling our house so we can move to Sequim. I will continue to view your photos of Sequim until I get there physically.
    In Love with Sequim, Tricia

  2. I really like the Purple Haze web site, and I hope to get to Sequim some day to view the lavender farms. I think seeing the lavender colors and smelling the lavender fragrance would be like a little bit of heaven on earth. Ah someday…

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